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I have been living out of a luggage(s) since I was 17 years old when I move from my hometown of Windsor, Ontario to Ottawa for university. 

Fast forward 4 years and I decided to spend a year living in Grenoble, France as part of a Erasmus exchange program, where I had the chance to really travel all around France. 

A few years later I moved to Dallas as part of my Master's program and really lived the American lifestyle (and loved it). I then moved back to Canada (Montreal) and experienced a true Canadian winter...yep it's as cold as they say it is! 

Finally I moved in 2015 to Milano and never looked back! There are a lot of great things about being in an intercultural relationship, but one is that I have my own personal tour guide. I continue to experience "true" Italia and thanks to Michelangelo get to avoid all those tourist traps from Nothern to Southern Italy. 

Travel wise, I have had to travel (almost) weekly to Paris for quick day trips or for two days of business meetings. Meaning that I have mastered the art of 3am wake up calls, 6am flights, how to look professional at that ungodly hour AND how to pack literally everything you need in a carry on.​

Here's just some of the T R A V E L elements I share here and on my Instagram

  • Tips for early morning flights

  • How to pack in a carry on

  • Airport survival guide

  • How to travel comfortable yet stylish

  • City guides & favourite places

  • How to travel alone (and enjoy it)

  • Italy, France, Canada, Portugal, Spain, United States, and more...

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