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Duomo Milano Street Style

What I've always loved so much about fashion is that each person can create their own personal style with their own budget and it's totally unique! 

Although my style has changed throughout the years I have always stayed true to one thing : do I love what I'm wearing? YES? Then I'm doing it right. 

I've also always been someone who feels happiest when I find something on sale. Although I think some investment pieces are worth the splurge, most items I think can easily be purchased on sale. So I am a "sale hunter" and am constantly on the lookout for a great deal. 

Here's just some of the S T Y L E elements I share here and on my Instagram

  • How to style everyday basics

  • Tips for finding the best deals

  • What to wear to the office

  • Trends of the moment

  • Street style 

  • Fashion week outfits and events

  • Shoes (I loooove shoes)