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  • Amanda

Welcome Back!

I am SO excited to finally share my new website that I've been working on since Christmas. While home I was inspired by all the people in my life who are always pushing themselves to learn more, challenge themselves and not stay "idle".

So, I decided it was time to give my blog a fresh look and make it live again. It was also then that I got the "push" I needed to finally start my own wedding and event planning business. I was scared of the idea of doing it, but in speaking with other entrepreneurs, I've learned that going at it slowly can make it manageable and help the business grow at a steady speed.

I hope you guys enjoy coming to my website to learn more about all the things I share daily on Instagram. I'll be diving in deep in some subjects that with Instagram I can only touch on. My website has existed since 2014, but 2020 will be the year it really takes off!

For anyone looking for someone to plan, coordinate or just help with an event or a wedding, the E V E N T S page of the website has all the information you need - as well as a whole lot of inspiration for you!

Thanks so much to everyone for your words of love and support and I can't wait to re-start this online journey with you all!

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