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Puglia Travel Guide - Experience Salento

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I have been coming to Puglia every year for 7 years straight now, and somehow each year I always find new cities to explore and am never disappointed. From beautiful landscapes, to clear turquoise water Puglia will take your breath away. I sometimes wonder why I ever wanted to travel to another summer destination when simply by going to the heel of the boot here in Italy I can honestly feel like I’m in an exotic luxury destination. The only downside? No matter how hard you try, you're bound to gain a few pounds...or two... (but nothing a high waisted bikini can't fix)!

This summer Michelangelo and I decided to explore more of the southern-most part of Puglia, called Salento. We booked only a few months before the trip because of the Covid-19 situation, not being sure if we could travel or not. That being said, we managed to book and visit all of the towns and beaches on our list while keeping within our budget. As we don’t travel much throughout the year we always “treat ourselves” while on our summer holiday – so keep in mind that all the places we visited as within our budget but might be high/low for others depending on your personal outlook/budget. I will share the cost whenever possible!

Here’s where we visited :


  • Santa Cesarea Terme

  • Otranto

  • Lecce

  • Monopoli


Torre dell’Orso

Porto Badisco

Baia dei Turchi

Porto Miggiano

Where to stay

We decided to stay in Santa Cesarea Terme for various reasons:

  • It’s a small town so not much traffic

  • Easily arrive to the highway to get to nearby cities/beaches

  • Lower costs compared to bigger cities nearby

  • No lineups or crowds for beaches and restaurants

I would highly recommend staying at Hotel Aurora Benessere because it’s a new hotel that offers easy access to beautiful nearby beaches, delicious fresh breakfast and a gorgeous pool overlooking the sea. We were treated like family and the staff ensured (all while keeping a safe distance and following Covid regulations) that we had everything we needed. They went above and beyond our requests to ensure that we knew the area well and found everything we were looking for!

Best Beaches

I recommend visiting each of these beaches because you have access to beautiful crystal blue water and quality service. Each beach changes €30 for access to the beach as well as two beds and an umbrella. All of these beaches offer bathroom and shower services so that you can easily to straight from the beach to the aperitivo for a much-needed holiday drink!

  • Il Caicco (Santa Cesarea Terme)

  • Torre dell’Orso

  • Porto Badisco (Agriturismo dei Cervi)

Come visit Puglia, you won’t regret it! To experience even more of Puglia check out #lavitaepuglia on Instagram!

Here's the full Vlog of the Puglia Experience

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