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Experience Puglia : Trani City Guide

Trani is one of my favourite cities to visit in the northern Puglia "Gargano" area. Over the years we've been many times and each time I am fascinated by the small streets, beautiful coastline and obviously the fresh seafood!

If you're visiting northern Puglia I think it's the perfect place to go as a day trip. The town is right on the coast and has the most beautiful sunset in the piazza of the cathedral.

I filmed our mist recent trip so that you can experience it all with me, but here's a list of our favourite places to eat and things to do in the city!

Places to Eat

Le Lampare al Fortino : A gorgeous restaurant that serves lunch or dinner on the old wall of the city overlooking the port and the sea. Very elegant and perfect if you want a romantic night out. Be sure to book ahead!

Ristorante Gallo : Right on the coast, this restaurant offers delicious seafood and is priced mid-range. Lots of seating outside but if you want some AC there's room inside too.

Cantina Gallo : Located next to the Ristorante il Gallo, this wine bar is the perfect place for a chic aperitivo with friends. The don't have a large food menu, but those two/three items they do have are delicious. Ask for the fresh focaccia with mortadella - you won't regret it! Pricing is a bit high for just drinks, but you pay for having lots of space to yourself and a great view of the coast.

Rosa dei Venti : We came to this restaurant on our first trip to Trani to celebrate the anniversary of the day we met in Canada. They are located on the main boardwalk, but higher up so that you have a great view of the port but are not surrounded by tons of people. They serve fresh fish and have the best seafood linguine! Tell them you're celebrating something special and they'll make sure you have the best time.

Osteria La Banchina : Right on the water this restaurant has the most flavorful raw seafood. I tried their tuna tartar as well as oysters, clams, sea urchins and shrimp - all fresh and delicious! Be sure to book in advance and ask to be seated outside on the patio. You don't have a great view of the water, but you'll feel the breeze of the sea the whole time you're there.

Things To Do

Visit the Cathedral : It's hard to miss...! The outside doesn't even do it justice. Be sure to go inside to see just how gorgeous it is.

Walk along the port : The best time to visit the port is the morning when the fishermen are working and you can see all the fresh fish being brought it to be cooked. Later on the boardwalk becomes THE place to be because you can stop for an apertivo or dinner with friends.

Watch the sunset : Take a seat on the strip on land that goes far in the sea and watch the sunset. If it's packed with swimmers then you can catch the view in the piazza of the cathedral.

Drink local wine : There are SO many wine bars so be sure to stop and try local white wine from the "BAT" region (Barletta, Andria, Trani). They make excellent dry white wine that will be sure to pair well with any fish-based meal.

Hope you enjoy this gem of a city as much as I do!

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