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Easy ways to LOVE working from home

I don't know about you guys, but before the Covid-19 lockdown happened, working from home wasn't really a "thing" for most "traditional" Italian offices. So the change from full time in the office (with the exception of a work trip here and there) to full time at home, WITH my husband, was quite honestly a bit of a shock.

However, now with two months under my belt I thought I would share some things that made it all much easier and enjoyable for me!

First things first, you need to know that thankfully we had already set up a sort of "home office" in our open space loft because when I moved here I needed a space while writing my master's thesis. So we had had built two adjoining desks along with a wireless printer and lots of space for books and supplies. This was great from the start because we didn't have to scramble to work on the kitchen table or on our bed.

Obviously having adjoining desks isn't always great...especially when both on video calls at the same time. So as soon as the weather got better I would usually go work outside on the terrace with a coffee.

I think the space you work in is so important when it comes to your motivation, productivity and overall spirit. I had quite the cluttered desk before all this, but redecorating it and making it more "neutral" helped with the overall vibe!

Here are some things that I suggest you do to help freshen up your work space at home!

Decorate your space :

If you have a wall in front of you, decorate it with something meaningful but aesthetic. I de-cluttered my cork board and make it into a vision board filled with special memories of past trips with close friends and family as well as heartfelt handwritten notes from Michelangelo from special occasions (like my first day at my new job in Milan!). I also painted the borders from brown (office look) to white (fresh, clean and minimal). What I've learned is less is more, so try to keep it special but crisp!

Add something fresh :

I used to have fake flowers on my desk, but nothing screams university student more than that! So I finally ditched the old Ikea flowers and started buying weekly fresh ones to add in a small vase on my desk. You can get a mix from a local florist on a small budget and change them once a week to keep a little colour in your space. Otherwise if you're not a flower person, get a plant like a succulent to add a little green and clean energy to your work zone!

Ditch the traditional office look :

There's nothing I hate more than looking at those typical office supplies on your desk. You know those standard pencil holders, or file folders... Well I decided to use a cute mug with an inspirational quote on it to hold my pens and pencils. Instead of piles of paper in front of my I opted for a framed photo from one of my favourite fashion illustrators and moved all those dusty files into my bookshelf area.

Make it your own :

I think anyone is motivated when they feel like they're in a space that represents them and they feel comfortable. Well nothing represents me more than fashion so I had to include a few of my favourite fashion things on my desk! They're purely decorative and of no use to me as I work, but looking past the laptop and seeing my bracelet collection makes me smile. I also added a few bags from Hermes and Chanel to hide away any little objects that I don't want to leave lying around the desk - and add a bit of flare to the look. As silly as it sounds, those bags are also a reminder of how hard I've worked to get where I am today, and push me to keep going.

What else will you usually find on my desk? Well coffee...American sized coffee for sure! Otherwise my Bose noise cancelling headphones, which have saved Michalengelo and I from a whole lot of stress these two months and are amaaaazing for pushing through projects with your motivating playlist on. You'll also find our little Alexa, a candle and my planner.

Here's the link to everything you'll find on my desk. Let me know if these tips help make you LOVE working from home too!

Bose Headphones :

Jewelry Display :

Candle :

Vase :

Rifle Paper Co. Agenda :

Mug : (more at

Fashion Illustration :

Amazon Alexa :

Cork Boards :

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