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Bride-to-Be Gifts That She Will Love!

So your BFF just got enagaged and you have NO idea what to get her as an engagement gift? Well coming from a Bride-to-Be myself, I'm sharing with you the best gift's I've received and some tips on what any future bride really needs (and secretly wants).

To start let's just say that nobody really NEEDS any of these things, but personally I have no shame in saying that (since I only plan to get married once...well technically twice!) I wanted to soak in all the silly bride-to-be experiences. These include things like reading bridal magazines, taking ring selfies with cute mugs and even (like I said, no shame) wearing a Bride-to-Be tee.

Yes, it's totally a cliché...but I am loving every second of it! That's just me though, and I am sure that not everyone would want the same kind of gifts. So here's a few special gifts I think any Bride-to-be would love to receive and most importantly, actually use!

  • Bridal Magazines : Yes, we all love Pinterest, but there is just something so special in reading a bridal magazing and cutting out the photos you love the best to put in your wedding planner book! If you want to give her something sweet, but not break the bank, this will for sure do the trick (especially if she lives in Italy and has no access to English Bridal magazines!)

  • Wine : The only thing better than receiving a lovely bottle of wine, is having some great company to drink it with! So plan a little soirée at home with the bride-to-be, and don't worry, she will have loooads to talk about (maybe best to bring 2 bottles...)

  • Bridal Mug : There's honestly a whole world of choices when it comes to cute bridal mugs, some more in your face #Engaged and some a little more refined! No matter the personality of the bride-to-be there's sure to be the perfect mug for her!

  • Funny Books : I love these Bride & Groom books that Michelangelo and I received because we shared some good laughs together reading them before bed and were able to still learn something important before the big day! Plus they made for great bedside table decor - bonus!

  • Something for the wedding : We received a gorgeous Kate Spade cake knife set to ut our wedding cake. It's something we would never have splurged on ourselves for the wedding and so getting it as a gift was perfect! This is also a great way to feel like you're participating in the big day in giving a gift that you know they couple will use.

Finally if you really don't know what to give to the Bride-to-be my advice is to always

go with something personal. Any gift means that much more when you know it comes from the heart and that so much effort and thought was put into it. I actually cried when I opened this gift after our Engagement Party because I think it's just SO thoughtful. Knowing that I love home decor, I received this beautiful framed drawing! There are so many talented artists who you can hire to do drawings, illustrations or sketches of the bride which will make for a super special gift. This is something that will be used far beyond the wedding day and will always have a special place in my heart!

Scroll Down for more cute gift ideas that I've linked for you!

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