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Planning a wedding, how hard can it be?

5 reasons to hire a wedding planner or helpful tips to do it yourself

Honestly, after you get engaged so much happens so quickly, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Everyone wants to know ALL the details right away, and sometimes you just don't have the answers yet. This is why soon after getting engaged I think one of the first big decisions to make with your partner is : OK, who is going to plan all this?

Every couple is different, and although typically people say the bride will do it all, maybe in your case your partner would want to take an active role in the planning and wedding preparations. In our case, being an event planner, I always knew that I wanted to plan everything myself and I shared with Michelangelo the plans to find the areas where he felt he wanted to participate in the planning.

This, of course, is not the case for everyone and let me tell you planning a wedding (let alone two in my case) is no easy task! So I applaud all the couples who take on this big task themselves. However if you're not sure you are up for the challenge hiring a wedding planner could make a big difference for your big day and for your entire wedding planning process.

Here are 5 reasons why I think hiring a wedding planner is the way to go :

  1. They will take all the stress away from the wedding planning process - We all know that it can be overwhelming to have to think of everything in our day to day lives, work life and family. Adding planning a wedding on top can be overwhelming. Working with a wedding planner means you don't have any of the responsibilities and are left with all the choices.

  2. They will keep you on track - No need to worry about deadlines or keeping on budget. Working with a wedding planner means laying out the guidelines of your big day and keeping within them.

  3. You have one communication stream - All your information is funneled through one person, which means you dont have to worry about countless phone calls or meetings with different vendors.

  4. They are professionals - Your wedding planner will have been doing their job for years and will have seen it all! They will be able to suggest the best in the industry to you as well as make sure your dream wedding becomes a reality. One helpful tip : If you're doing a destination wedding be sure to hire a wedding planner local to the area because they will know exactly who to work with!

  5. You can enjoy your wedding day - Do you all know that scene with JLo in The Wedding Planner? Well that's exactly how your wedding day would be. Your big day goes in the hands of your wedding planner who will make sure everything runs smoothly and even work to ensure your family is all gather for their photo. This will make it so that you can relax, smile and actually spend time with your guests.

If, like me, you're totally in love with the idea of planning it all yourself then here are a few small tips I want to share :

Invest in a good wedding planning book

I suggest the Kate Spade Wedding Planner which is a three hole

binder where you can easily photocopy and add pages. Also it features a great plastic pouch for swatches or photos to always keep with you throughout the process.

Before planning your wedding you must read The Knot Book of Wedding Lists! It goes through literally everything you need to think of to plan a wedding, from the budget to the venue down to the thank-you cards.

Excel will be your best friend

If you don't already use excel, but sure to find someone in your

family or wedding party that does. Keeping a spreadsheet of your spending relieves all the stress because all the information remains in one place. It is also a great way to track RSVPs and to make sure everyone received their Thank-you cards!

Pinterest, but don't obsess

While it can be fun at first looking through wedding photos on Pinterest for hours, it can become overwhelming. Create specific

boards for each part of your wedding : Flowers, Invitations, Gifts, Bride's Dress, Bridesmaids... Then add your photos to each board, but curate them! Look through the boards a few days later and make sure you've selected the best photos to represent your dream. This will be useful when meeting with vendors to show them your ideas and help them make them a reality.

I hope this helps all you new Brides-to-be in making this first big decision. Remember, there is no right or wrong choice, the important thing is that you are able to enjoy not only your wedding day but the entire wedding planning process (because let's face it, nobody likes a #Bridezilla) !

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