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Location, location, location : Finding that perfect one

One of the first things that people say you should do after you get engaged is to pick your location, but nobody talks about just how stressful that whole process can be! I made the mistake myself of feeling the pressure from people to book right away, but learned afterwards that if you don't rush you're able to find that perfect fit for the kind of wedding you want.

Michelangelo and I always knew we wanted our Italian wedding to be bigger than our Canadian one, but we didn't know exactly what we were looking for. Although it's great to have an open mind, I found it was also important to know more or less what kind of a location you want or at least what style wedding you imagine yours should be.

Looking back, I would highly suggest newly engaged couples think about these few things before picking a location :

  • Number of Guests

  • Wedding Style or Theme

  • Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

  • All in one location ?

  • Time of year for the wedding

Whenever possible, be sure to visit the possible location during the same time of year (more or less) of the time you want to have your wedding. This will ensure that you really know what the location will look and feel like for the wedding itself!

In the end we decided to have our Italian wedding in a classical romantic Italian theme in a historic castle in the Italian mountainside. This wedding will be larger and host more people. The Canadian wedding which will follow will be a more intimate event held in a historic home followed by a modern Italian restaurant.

Today we signed the contract for our Canadian wedding location, The Low-Martin Mansion in historic Walkerville in Windsor! We are both in love with this location because it's simple and elegant, just what we want to re-celebrate with our Canadian friends and family. Remember, don't rush into booking a place just because you think you won't find anything else later...your PERFECT venue will find you, with a whole lot of research and just a little patience.

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