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All about THE ring : to be surprised or not to be surprised, that is the question

It's the age old question, do you want to receive a surprise ring that your future spouse picked out? Ok, so maybe it's not such an old question but I feel like something important to ask yourself, no? I sure didn't live in a made up fairytale land and Michelangelo and I were quite up front with each other that we wanted to get married soon. Once that conversation happened (a few times) I thought to myself ok, so now what? Do I go out and look for rings to tell him what I want? Do we go pick it out together? Do I wait for a surprise?

Having friends who have fallen into each situation, I knew that all were good options but I really didn't know what was best for us. I didn't like the idea that we would go pick it out together because I still wanted some element of surprise. So after much thought I decided that although I wanted some sort of element of a surprise, I didn't want to leave Michelangelo with the pressure and stress of trying to find the perfect ring for me. This is where all the "ring selfies" began... I went to probably 15 ring shops in 3 countries and took probably 100 photos. Just a tip for anyone going to try on sure to do your nails first (or treat yourself to a manicure). I know it sounds stupid, but I noticed that I liked the look of rings more when my nails were done rather than not. Side note : it's never easy to imagine what might look good on you, or what you might like when NONE of the sample rings ever fit your finger... Eventually I just laughed it off and went with it! From there I picked my favourite two styles and I gave those photos to Michelangelo, without telling him which stores they are from. I figured this way there wouldn't be the pressure to go there to buy it and he could look around a bit himself too.

So, in the end did I get THE ring I thought I would? Honestly the answer is no, but with my photos in hand Michelangelo was able to work with a local jeweller designer to create something that mixed both styles I loved! In the end I got the surprise I always wanted along with a ring that I absolutely love, not only because it's perfect for my type of hand but because I know that Michelangelo worked to create it himself and there's a part of him with me always. Too cheesy? #sorrynotsorry

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