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Engagement Photos : A must or an optional?

I am SO excited to share my first (of many) #WeddingWednesday posts with everyone! Since we have already shared how we met and the proposal I thought it was best to start from the next big step in our wedding planning - the engagement photos!

Now, you need to understand that this is very much a North American thing and in fact when I told people here in Italy that I was organizing this they thought it was quite odd. Each country has their own wedding traditions and here in Italy posed photos of the happy couple kissing in public places is just not something they do! So, needless to say Michelangelo needed a little convincing... Luckily he had already experienced two Canadian weddings and saw their photos so he knew this was something us Canadians do and not just me being "crazy"! He was also lucky because I knew I wanted something laid back, natural and effortless (with a few fun and silly shots too) and so he didn't have to deal with matching jean jackets or sweaters (not to say I won't save that for another photo shoot some time...)

So to sum things up, why should you consider getting engagement photos done?

  1. They are great to use as a backdrop on your Save the Date Card or Engagement party invitations

  2. They can be really useful for room decor at your various parties

  3. They are perfect as a backdrop for a wedding seating chart

  4. They make for a great memory years to come to remember that special moment

We decided to actually have two engagement photos shoots done, one in downtown Milano where we live and where we have spent the most time together - not to mention where we plan to start our married life together. We will do our second engagement photo shoot in Windsor, my hometown and it will really represent Canada for us both. We want to make sure we have a memory of this Christmas spent in Canada as a reminder of this special moment to bring back with us in Milan - and our Canadian photographers Blue Rose Designs are incredibly creative and have THE BEST Canadian themed ideas (can't wait to share)!

For our Italian engagement photo shoot we worked with Linda Provini, a local fashion photographer, and the results were just what we wanted! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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