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Style Across Borders : Mixing Patterns 101

Mixing patterns is tacky...mixing patterns is hard...have you heard that before? Well I was once someone who had her doubts about mixing patterns together in one outfit. Maybe because I wanted to believe what they all say "you cant have too much of a good thing", but since then I've realized it's just not true! What you do need to know is that mixing patterns together requires an eye for style and a good knowledge of your own body proportions. Don't be afraid to take a fashion "risk" and put together stripes and polka dots or (as we're seeing a lot this season) stripes and florals! There are no limits except the ones you make for yourself.

So, in the hopes to share some of my self taught knowledge and to show you how to take calculated fashion risks I've put together a few short steps to follow when matching patterns. Take note of what you want people to focus on : your waist, your face, your legs...etc If you're pear shaped like me and your hips and thighs are wider than your waist then to draw the attention up to your waist and face you should always put the boldest pattern on the bottom. Basically decide where you want the focus to be and place the bigger print on the opposite side of your body, to draw attention up or down.

Pick one "staple" colour and find two patterns that have it Two things that technically should clash, can actually be harmonious together when they both have the same colour within them. In my example my pants and top both have navy blue and I accented that even more by adding matching accessories.

Add a buffer between both patterns If you're not quite yet comfortable with mixing patterns you can make the mix more subtle by breaking up the two patterns a bit. You can do this by letting a little skin show (perfect for the Spring) or by adding a waist belt between the two!

It's all about the proportions... Like any good recipe you need to have good portions of each piece in order for everything to flow together well! If you have one big print be sure to match it with a smaller or less striking print. In my swans example I paired swans throughout but they were different colours and different sized prints.

Have fun and be confident! Nothing can help you rock this look more than feeling confident when you wear it! If you have fun putting these pieces together and you love what you did it will show on how you carry yourself! Go for it girls, you've got this!

xo Amanda

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