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Style Across Borders : Spring Style Trends

I am SO SO excited that Emilie (@dearemilieg) and I were able to join together again for another edition of our Style Across Borders series! Last October we did our first collaboration where we shared how we each styled 5 different trends for the Fall and we were so happy with the feedback we got from everyone! Personally I was especially happy to see the photos that you all shared with me of our own way to rock the trends we focused on.

Given this great first round we decided to team up again for a Spring collaboration! Now I didn't always love the Spring, and I think it has to do with the fact that Canada never really has a true Spring season... sometimes there's still snow, sometimes it's all rain all the time... it's not easy to adjust. However, in Italy Spring is lovey because (like the fall) it's that perfect transition period where it's warm and sunny and not sweaty and gross out yet.

This collaboration was especially interesting because being in two very different countries means that we came out with very different ways to style the same trend for the weather we both had. We were both so inspired by these trends that we decided to show you how to style the same trend two different ways. So, doing the math, you will be able to see 4 different looks everyday, great right?!?

I think our own personal style really shined through in this series and so I hope these outfit ideas help spark an inspiration for you to try and make these same trends your own! Above all else it's just important to embrace your own style and make sure you feel like yourself. If you feel like you're killing it, you will shine!

Here's what you have to look forward to this week:

  • Monday : Bold Jackets

  • Tuesday : Mixed Prints

  • Wednesday : Pink!

  • Thursday : Metallics

  • Friday : Athleisure

Cant wait to hear your thoughts throughout the week! Check back on Tuesday for a special focus on how to style mixed prints based on your body shape!

xo Amanda

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