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  • Amanda

Style Trend : Fishnets

If I'm being completely honest I was a bit hesitant when I saw this trend popping up in Italy because I thought that I would never be able to rock it. I hate trying to wear a trend just because it's popular especially if I don't feel like it fits into my style. What I love so much about fashion, is that you can take a trend and tailor it to your own personal style. In this case I was able to take something that can sometimes have a very rough look to it and make it feel laid back and stylish with heels (of course)! I think styled the right way this could be a style that you can incorporate into daily outfits, edgy evening looks as well as office outfits! 

As the fishnets look is taking over all of Italy they are easy to find, in tons of cours and styles, at Calzedonia. In Canada and USA you can find them at Zara or even Forever21! 

But don't let me be the judge, try this trend for yourself and see how you can truly make it fit into your style! Tag me in your photos so that I can see how you rocked this style...Can't wait to see them all xo

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