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How to hunt down && catch the best sales at your favourite stores!

I love the satisfaction of knowing I got a great product at a great price, but luck is not part of this equation and throughout the years I've learned how to master the "art of conquering sales"! 

Many of you might be laughing right now 😂 but just think about it, haven't you ever gone back to a store weeks or months after you buy something just to see your item now selling for 50% - admit it, it's the worst feeling! 

I'm here to share some of my tips on how to never buy an item at a higher price than you're willing to, and most importantly how to conquer fashion sales! 

  1. Shop before : Pre-Shopping is like studying, it's a way for you to see what's available at your favourite stores before sales begin. This is important because it gives you the chance to try on products to see what size you need and what items you LOVE and which ones you LIKE! 

  2. Make a list : Use an app in your phone like Notes or Lists (or Pinterest if you're shopping online) and make two separate lists- LOVE and LIKE. Write down in each list the items loved or liked as well as the store they're from. I suggest also writing down the bar code for the LOVE items (I'll explain after)... 

  3. Follow up : check back in at the stores from time to time (I tend to go once a week) and see if the items are still there and if the price is still the same. Some sites (like Amazon) send you an email when an item you've "saved for later" has a price drop.

  4. Sales Day : OK the big day is here. Make sure all the items on your LOVE list are things that you really want and would be upset if you didn't manage to get. Then go for them first - I usually buy these items as soon as sales open online (because you already know your size for each item). If you're going in person to purchase items in store be sure to wear a cross body purse for two free hands and comfy shoes (and go early!) 

  5. Wait : Now for all those items on your LIKE list, if you're willing to wait you could get these items at super sale prices. The important thing is that these items are not fundamental for you so you won't be upset if in the end you don't manage to find it in your size. If you wait a week after the beginning of sales items go down to another 20-30%. If you're really patient  and wait 3/4 weeks items go down to 70-80%! 

Sales month is coming to an end here in Europe and in Italy but I feel this one was a success - I managed to get all these items for under €200 TOTAL! 😱

Generally to catch the best sales throughout the year you can do two important things

  • Follow me on Instagram - I am always sharing great sales and deals in Canada and Italy

  • Subscribe to your favourite stores' emailing list for special prices, coupons and news about sales

Some of my favourite stores (that also have great sales throughout the year) are :

  • Banana Republic

  • Asos 

  • Mango

  • Zara

  • HM

  • La Rinascente

  • The Bay

  • Chapters Indigo

  • Ann Taylor

  • J Crew

  • RW&Co

  • BCBG

  • Oysho 

Happy sales hunting && happy shopping! xo

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