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The Digital Revolution : YOU

Last week I went to visit an exhibit at La Triennale here in Milan focused on the digital revolution that has taken over the fashion world. The exhibit, called YOU, was curated by Grazia  Magazine and The Blonde Salad. As many of you already know I have always looked up to Chiara Ferragni as an inspiration for what she accomplished as a young female entrepreneur and business woman. However I had no idea that there are so many other strong CEO women in the digital fashion world, so this exhibit was an important learning opportunity for me.

What I loved most of all was the chronology of the whole digital revolution because we don't realize it but back when we were watching Sex and the City it had the same effect on us (or at least on me) as a Blogger would now.

I admire these "influencers" because they have the capability of turning their love or "hobby" into a full time job and eventually an industry.

As many of you already know I work full time right now and therefore my blog suffers because I haven't been able to manage both equally yet. I hope to get better at this balancing act (while still keeping time dedicated to Sunday's on the couch with Michelangelo) eventually and be more present for all of you! I absolutely love sharing with everyone - especially because I love getting the feedback that many of you are going through similar things and so we are experiencing these exciting life moments together! For now it's a "hobby" but who knows what the future holds..?! Right?

In the meantime I hope you keep following && keep the feedback coming about what you would love to see next! Remember - YOU hold your future in your hands! We can do anything we want if we put our minds to it!!!


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