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So for those of you who have been following my Instagram feed the last few days you know just how excited I am about this announcement - no sorry I'm not engaged - but I am super excited to share that my friend Emilie and I have joined up to do a week long special focusing on what we believe are essential pieces for the fall!

While catching up (over drinks) this summer we talked about how interesting it is seeing the differences and similarities between style trends in Canada vs. Italy. For this reason we thought it would be fun to team up and show you cool new ways to use things you might already have in your closet, as well as inspire you to invest in new pieces, for the fall through each of our individual styles (both influenced in part by where we live).

Each day this week we will be sharing our #ootd focusing on a specific piece but styled in our own way! Next Sunday we will each post a round up of the week with additional details about our own outfits. Be sure to follow both myself and Emilie (@dearemilieg) on Instagram and Facebook to see all the photos and looks of the week!!

To start this week off, and to get to know Emilie a bit, here's a little look into her personal style :

1) When did you realize that you loved fashion?

I was named "most fashionable" in my 5th grade class. I really wanted the "best dancer" but someone else got that one, to my dismay. That's when I realized that I should probably focus on my strength - the strength my peers nominated me for!

2) What was your most "Émilie" outfit growing up?

Glasses - I've had glasses since the age of 3! They are to this day my favourite accessory although I did have a love - hate realtionship with them growing up. They were the perfect accessory for my flowery dresses at 5 years old, my glittery wide-leg jeans at 8 years old, my all-pink outfit at 12 and my layered vest ensembles of the early 2000s. They are still my #1 accessory in my current leather-filled wardrobe!

3) Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Man Repeller is my bible. I am also very into the fashion blog The 12ish Style. I love that they showcase style - personal style - in this over-saturated Instagram-lead world of fashion. I also get lots of inspiration from my friends and family, including you, Amanda, and the discussions we have about a bunch of stuff, including politics, work, life, the future. All of these things bring substance to my life and give me inspiration which then transpire in my style.

4) What are you most excited to wear (and over-wear) this fall?

All things leather - Leggings, jackets, gloves, blazers, boots, shirts. I love how leather structures my curvy figure. It adds angles in places I don't usually have them. I also feel like I can do anything I want in leather. I feel badass.

5) What's your #1 fall style tip?

Experiment! Experiment with textures, layers, proportions, shapes! Style is fun and fall is the best season to experiment with the new and older pieces from your summer and winter wardrobes and mixing them together. Gosh I love's really the best!

Can't wait to kick off the week tomorrow with our first outfit! A presto! 😘

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