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Shop Local, Love Local : Mermaid Wraps

Although I don’t live in my hometown of Windsor Ontario anymore, I always like to keep up with the news in the city and see what’s going on. I love hearing that new restaurants, galleries and coffee shops are opening up around the city – they are run by young entrepreneurs who see the potential that Windsor could be!

Recently during my time at home (I have been home for two months…the longest ever since I was 17…), I learned that an old friend and high-school classmate of mine started her own jewelry company. As many of you know, and can tell from my photos, I prefer to have less jewelry but invest in great pieces that are timeless and can be worn frequently. However the bracelets that Melaina makes are so beautiful and versatile that they can be accessories to match a more fancy event or worn daily and incorporated into your everyday staples.

When I met with Melaina to catch up after all these years over coffee she showed me her collection (which is still growing) and there were so many choices that I had a hard time picking a favourite. As you all know I am a big fan of the classic LDB (Little Black Dress) and so I opted for a darker share wrap bracelet so that I can wear it easily with my rose gold Michael Kors watch. I'm wearing "Tiger Shark" below...I'm obsessed!

The company, called Mermaid Wraps, is only less than a year old and began when a friend of the family was given a handmaid bracelet from Melaina and suggested that she start to sell them because everyone asked her where she got it from. The classic wrap style might seem like an easy bracelet to make, but Melaina explained to me that it used to take her up to 5 hours to make just one – she’s a warrior and has gotten it down to only 2 hours now.

I love that the beads can be personalized to fit your own taste and that everything is made locally here all by hand. It feels great to support someone who is trying to do something different in the city and to encourage the Canadian fashion industry to grow and expand.

For all you future brides out there (aka most of my friends right now) how cool would this be as a matching bridesmaid's gift? They can be custom made to match the dress. I could totally see these being a great piece for a seaside wedding, or an outdoor wedding at a local winery!

Currently Mermaid Wraps can be shipped across Canada and the US (for a small extra fee) and nothing is stopping her from accepting international clients (I’m looking at all you Italian followers…)! This small investment, the pieces are super affordable, means the world to our Canadian fashion industry, the local economy and to me because you’ll be supporting the work of an another amazing person coming from Windsor!

If you want to look at the entire collection click here for the Instagram or Facebook Page!

To order a Mermaid Wrap for yourself message Melaina via the Facebook or Instagram pages.

If you want more information just send me an email and I would be happy to share the love!

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