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It's Finally Spring ( Canada too!)

In true throwback Thursday style I decided that it was finally time to share with you the beauty that is my Canadian photo shoot, done on my first day back in my hometown in Windsor, Ontario. I knew I wanted to have a fun way of celebrating my birthday, and I couldn't think of anything better than spending the day pampering myself and feeling amazing. The outcome was just as incredible as the day - the weather was on our side and I guess Rachel truly knew how to make me find my best light!

Although the shoot was done over a month ago, I felt I couldn't do the photos justice posting them while it was freezing and snowing here in Canada again...! Honestly I am shocked at this crazy weather we have had, but it is finally looking like Spring is here to stay so I thought that this would be the perfect mix of #ThrowbackThursday and my way to share some great spring finds (because you all know I love a great deal) !

Firstly, I need to share the love (and give most of the credit for these beautiful photos) to Rachel from Lively Creative Co. who is an amazing photographer (also we went to high school together...seems like FOREVER ago already!) && Stephanie Kathleen whose makeup skills are so unreal that they made me look good even after 15 hours of flying and horrible jet-lag!

Since this great Spring weather is finally here it's time to break away from the black and put some colour back in our outfits! I know it can be hard...even I couldn't do a totally colourful outfit, but just small things like the flirty midi-skirt change the whole look from something cold to something that just truly makes you smile! What I love to do when the seasons change is to go through my closet and reorganize in order to move some darker colours or heavier knits to the back and pull all those colourful skirts, dresses and blouses that have been hiding in the back to the light of day. I also love to mix and match pieces that might have been my go-to in the winter with new spring pieces.

I have received SO many compliments on this outfit, and (as you know) I love sharing all the love (and most of all the sales), so here are my outfit details:

Skirt: H&M €50 Haven't seen it in Canada yet but it might come...fingers crossed

Top: Forever 21 $8 I bought it years ago and it's always been a go-to piece for me (bonus it has long sleeves to cover up my flappy Italian spaghetti arms...)

Shoes: Zara €50 In stores worldwide NOW

Fringe Bag: Danier Leather $70 I bought it a few years ago, but there are lots of fantastic deals at Danier right now because they are closing down, so check them out

Earrings: H&M $9 I love them so much I also bought them in white!

Clutch: Gap $15 Purchased a few years ago, but if you don't have a classic nude/white/beige clutch yet go get one, they are a great and easy piece to mix into any outfit!

Ring: a vintage diamond ring band given to me by Michelangelo on the anniversary of the first day we met... (yes he's just too cute!)

Watch: Michael Kors (Rose Gold Boyfriend Extra Large Style) $300 My first graduation gift from my Nonno - a classic everyday piece to make you look and feel fab! They are now available at Winners/Marshalls/TjMaxx if you want to find a great piece at a great price

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