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Milan Fashion Week : Female Edition

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that I was attending Milan's Men's Fashion Week here in the city (and totally loving every second). I guess time is flying because it is already the Women's edition of fashion week here in the city and you sure can tell that the city is heating up. I wish I was speaking literally...we actually could have used some sunshine or warmth, but I mean that there are so many events that I couldn't even keep up!

Being a part of the Bocconi Students for Fashion association is really something that opens up so many doors for me in the city. Thanks to the association I am recognized as a member of the fashion community and have been given the chance to attend special events, presentations and best of all fashion shows!

This week, because I was also working at the international leather fair Lineapelle, I wasn't able to attend anything until the weekend. Although I was upset at first, I decided to make the most of the possibilities nonetheless and pack my weekend full of fashion related things.

First of all was the Ermanno Scervino fashion show, held near the Bocconi at the Military school, a cool space that I had never visited before. Although shows go by so quickly (usually they are over in a mere 10-15 minutes) this one left a lasting impression with me because of the intricate artistry that could clearly be seen in the pieces (even from my seat in the far far back...)! The colours were so perfect for the fall - I personally LOVE the mustard yellow - and there was one piece in particular that I think might come in handy next week in Canada... Lets see if you can tell which one it is ;)

Next I went across town to the Tods presentation where I was overwhelmed with beautiful pairs of shoes and fantastic purses. Take it from me though, the big thing for the fall are accessories, on Adding lots of keychains onto your old bags will make them look new and tailored perfectly for the season.

Finally today I ran (literally I ran like a KM to get there on time...) to make it to the Trussardi show in the fashion district of downtown Milan. Thankfully the show started late and I was able to sneak into the back row to catch a glimpse of the pieces. I am obsessed with the Adele style mongolian fur coats, and apparently so is Trussardi. I loved the warm brown tones that were mixed with details of western style aka Texan all the way! The collection took me back to Dallas and I think this American-Italian mix will work perfectly for the fall.

Photos :

These last two days were also filled with Celebrity incounters, not that any of them spoke to me, but it's incredible being so close to these people that you follow on social media or look up to in life. Some you might not all know but they include: Valentina Ferragni, Franca Sozzani, Lucky Blue Smith, Mariano Di Vaio and Michelle Hunziker! Maybe by the next time fashion week comes around I will actually be able to speak to some of them...!

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