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Cimitero Monumentale : also a resting place for beauty & art

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I have always said that you should never stop being a tourist in your own city. Although I only recently have begun to feel like a local, there are still (as incredible as it sounds) places in Milan that I have not visited, which would seem like normal "tourist" destinations. On the top of that list (along with The Last Supper...) was the famous Cimitero Monumentale, monumental cemetery, located in the heart of Milan.

Having visited the famous Montmarte cemetery in Paris I though I knew what this Italian cemetery would be like, but it exceeded all my expectations. Even in the rain (what a horrible weekend to spend outside so much...) the cimitero monumentale emitted so much serenity and beauty through the pieces exposed throughout the space. The pieces were larger than I expected, some soaring into the sky, and were much more intricate and diverse one from another than the pieces shown in Paris.

Thankfully my colleague Raffaella informed herself about the free tour guide service that the City of Milan offers for some of their local spaces, such as this, so we have an amazing 2 hour tour where I really got to learn about the history behind the pieces and the real significance of each one.

Obviously still having an iPhone 5 makes it hard to take lots and lots of photos of everything (how is it ALWAYS full!?!) so I have decided that I will have to go back in the spring when the sun is shining.

Here are some of the pieces in the cemetery that I felt were really touching or had a great story behind them. If any of you are thinking of coming to Milan and want to really see some beautiful art, all while learning about the rich history (of the rich citizens) of the city of Milan, I highly suggest visiting the cimitero monumentale. Although it might sound like a weird idea, because you might think of it as a place of death, really it is a beautiful open space filled with trees and artistic pieces that will amaze you and definitely bring a smile to your face!

If you have more time available I suggest taking a guided tour (available by the City of Milan in Italian...sorry internationals) or by private organizations in other languages as well.

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