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Red Lips - The key to this go to look

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

It's day one of my week full of love and I am soooo excited to share one of my go to looks for any day that I want to feel super strong and sexy - the ever classic red lip! Now I'm no expert, and definitely cannot make my lips look like Kylie Jenners, however I have managed to find a few good tricks throughout the years to master the look for me. Hope you enjoy !!

The first step is to find a shade of red that suits your skin tone, but most importantly that you are comfortable with. I have spent wayyyyy too much money on lipsticks that when I am in the store I'm all like "OMG this is so good, so bold, I love it"...flash forward to me at home hours later trying it on and feeling like I can't step out in public. In fact I have too many red lipsticks slowy wasting away in boxes in the basement of my parent's house because they just didn't make the cut to Italy. (Side Note: Everyone in Windsor can look forward to a full basement clean out while I'm home...if you need anything!)

Once you've got your perfect shade picked out, and you feel like you can rock it, the key to stay put all day red lipstick is a red lip liner. If you have super well moistiorized lips (here's looking at all you Canadians surviving the harsh cold winter) I suggest lightly covering your lips with a small amount of your everyday liquid foundation. This gives you a great base and allows the lipstick to keep its natural red shade. Then line the outside of your lips and colour in your lips with the liner (if your lips look like a toddler drew all over them you're doing it right!)

Thats when you can layer on that perfect shade and blot until you reach your desired level of colour or shine / matte finish.

Here's a list of only a few of my favourite shades (there are thousands out there...!) in order to get both the everyday red lip and the blod statement red lip.


MAC: Russian Red (Matte)

Nars: Cruella (Matte)

MAC: Chili (Matte)

MAC: So Chaud (Matte)


MAC: Riri Woo (Matte)

Stilla: Beso 10

MAC: Spice it up!

Happy Monday all xo

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