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MFW & this Canadian's first time on the catwalk !

So first of all I have to appologize if this past weekend / week I have bombarded you all via Facebook & Instagram with constant updates about Milan Men's Fashion Week (PS. if you're not already following me on Instagram you're missing out on all the fun!), but as my frist time being invited to shows as a BS4F member I was having too much of a good time not to share!

Although I had been to fashion presentations in the past, this MFW was the first time I attended a live fashion show (eeeeek!) and also the first time I was turned away at the door... It's a good thing I didn't let myself get discouraged at the first show because although we had tickets, apparently you still need to show up suuuuuper early to get in line to get a seat, since I have yet to become a VIP. Mostly I was dissapointed to not see that show by desginer Lucio Vanotti because it was hosted in the Armani Theatre and as a theatre nerd I wanted to see the inside of the space.

Next we (the BS4F team of my fellow fashionistas) visited the amazing Hogan presentation. Although I have never been a huge fan of their classic sporty shoe, I really like the redesign on their shoes to match casual wear as well as something a bit more dressy. Mostly the ambiance of the room was amazing, they really embrace a younger more trendy vibe.

I felt less bad for the (beautiful) male models at Stella Jean than at Hogan because at least in the Stella Jean presentation, hosted in an adorable Milanese apartment in Brera, the models were allowed to move around and talk amongst themselves. The Hogan models were more like traditional mannequins and were very very good at stay immobile.

Stella Jean, for those of you who don't know, is someone to keep an eye out for because ever since Beyonce wore some of her pieces she's boomed. I really loved the colours and patterns that she mixed into the Fall-Winter collection. If Michelangelo ever agreed to let me dress him he would be wearing Stella Jean much much more often!

Something that really fazed me about fashion week was all the hype around every one in attendance. Now maybe I'm just jealous because nobody cared about my own personal street style (even though I loved my outfits), but it seemed like there was more buzz about the VIPs coming to the show and "fake walking" two blocks for photos, than the shows themselves.

When I took the chance to get a complimentary drink at the Missoni Fashion Show (you can read all about the show at I felt SOOO cool because on the left was Valentina Ferragni and on my right Anna dello Russo....Heavvvveeennn.....!

Am I sad that fashion week is over- definetly. However I am already looking forward to women's fashion week here in Milan and attending more shows to meet more up-and-coming designers as well as mingle with some VIPs. Who knows, maybe next time around someone will think my street style is cool enough for some recongition as well! ;)

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