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How to impress Italians: Make an amazing Tiramisu !

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

There is one easy way to impress Italians - show them that although you're not Italian, you know how to cook! I learned very quickly that the fast way to their heart is through desserts. A personal favourite of mine has always been tiramisu, but (prepare yourselves) I had never made it myself before...! I decided that this holiday season was my moment to shine and so with the help of Jamie Oliver and one of Michelangelo's old family recipies I went on this adventure.

I could only read the Italian recipe in bits because it was very old and the paper was worn out so I mixed what I could understand with bits and pieces of Jamie Oliver's recipe (found here: In the end I also decided to add in as much chocolate as I could because I have so much left over from Christmas!

Here's my version of the two recipes! I hope you (and everyone you want to impress) enjoy it as much as Michelangelo and his mamma did!

Buon Natale!

150-200g of dark chocolate (I melted all the bits of pieces left over that I had)

25g butter

175g Savoiardi Cookies (basically fancy lady fingers with sugar)

400 ml or 6 shots espresso coffee (no sugar added)

3 eggs

100g sugar

500g mascarpone cheese

Orange zest

200g Whipping cream


Start by making your espresso and put it in a shallow bowl. Dip your cookies one by one into the coffee, just enough to get them damp on each side, and then lay them out flat in a baking dish. Do this until you have made one complete layer.

Melt your chocolate and butter (faster if you cut into small pieces first) in a bowl by placing the bowl over a pot of boiling water. Cover the layer of cookies with the chocolate mixture.

Seperate your eggs and place the yolks in a mixing bowl (you can save the egg whites and use them for a yummy morning omlette!). Add the sugar and wisk until smooth and creamy. Then add the mascarpone cheese and orange zest. Mix until smooth and fluffy!

Spead a layer of this mix over your chocolate layer, followed by a layer of whipped cream. Sprinkle over cocoa and any left over chocolate shreads you have. Start another layer on top of cookies and coffee, followed by cheese mix and then whipped cream. Top it all off (and make it look oh so fancy) with cocoa and shredded chocolate (I used mashed up pieces of ferrero rocher!) Pop it in the fridge for the afternoon and voilà!

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