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Good morning everyone! Now usually I despise Wednesday mornings because it means I have to be in class for 8am, but today is different. No, I didn’t get to sleep in….but I did get to spend my morning doing research on someone I look up to so much!

Instagram - Fashion inspiration for today's first day of saldi from none other t

For those of you who know me well, you know that I love Chiara Ferragni, Milanese fashion and travel enthusiast turned blogger turned international fashion symbol. Not only do I think of her as a great style icon and follow her fashion blog “The Blonde Salad”, but I look up to her as a successful business woman. She has managed to take her Italian brand and make it international, with her new shoe collection in stores all around the world. Although I can’t afford to buy a pair myself, for all you out there looking to splurge on a great investment piece look no further than her classic flirting slipper (sold at Browns in Canada or here online).

I am so grateful that I have been able to tailor my master’s to focus on my interests and future plans. As someone who is moving her life to Milan in a mere few weeks I must say, I hope I get the opportunity to meet Chiara and thank her for starting my day off each morning with some style inspirations, but more seriously thank her for paving the way for fashion lovers like me to be considered authentic and credible. I will be following in her footsteps and attending Bocconi University, all while writing my final thesis, so maybe I'll see her around?

Currently I am doing a project surrounding Chiara’s success internationally and her personal brand. Although this project will be concluding in a few weeks, it has made my mornings so much better waking up to read her book (in Italian none the less), her blog (who am I kidding, I’ve been following for years) and her Harvard Case Study. Chiara if you’re reading this, I am moving to Milan and I would love to join your @TBSCrew!

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