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Fall in Love with your Closet Again

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

It’s hard to not let yourself fall into that yearly winter slump in all aspects of your life. The best way to keep positive for me is through my daily dose of vitamins C&D and well as through my clothing. I have so much fun every morning decided what to pair together (or through the mini fashion show I have at night through my house) and how to pull the look together through some killer accessories or great lip colours.

I hope that over this past week you were all inspired by my daily #ootd (outfit of the day!) and were able to pull something together yourselves. It’s tempting to look at your closet and feel overwhelmed, thinking that you don’t have anything to wear. However buying new things is not (always) the option. It’s all about trying new pairing and having fun with your clothes again!

For more information on each of my Valentine’s Week looks simply follow the link on the photos below to my Instagram where I’ve linked all the products and stores where you can invest in the pieces that you loved!

I love you all! Keep smiling x

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