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Winter Wonderland

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Since arriving in Montreal life has been non-stop! Having international roommates has forced me to fully embrace my Canadian pride and take full advantage of all the outdoor winter activities we have around us. Living in Montreal means that there is snow…all…the…time. In fact since we have arrived in January I have yet to see a clean street, and I have been constantly cleaning my boots with all the dreadful salt.

It’s not all bad, in the end we manage to enjoy ourselves. The important thing is to remember that style does not have to suffer just because you’re bundled under and coat and a scarf. These are the months to accessorize and amp up your makeup routine!

When we went to a cabin in Quebec I made sure to stay warm with my fur headband and add a pop of colour to that with my go-to Chili lipstick by MAC. I also ensured that I stayed cozy and didn’t let any of the snow get into my coat in the snow fight with the Scottish tartan scarf. If you can find a great cashmere scarf on sale they are well worth the money, a great investment to keep you warm and last you through the winter.


Going to Québec City I knew it would be colder, but I had no idea just how cold! I think 95% of the trip I could not feel my toes…but at least the rest of body was warm (the wine helped too!) ;)


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