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HOW WE MET (2012)

I don’t know if it was destiny or not but those five minutes changed both of our lives for the better!  

Duomo Milan Kiss

Michelangelo was on his first trip to Canada to visit his uncle who lives in Sudbury (nowhere near me). He was not even going to go on the trip anymore because he had just broken up with his girlfriend, but was convinced by his cousin to not let this experience go by! I was working at Parliament as a tour guide for the summer and spent my days meeting hundreds of tourists from all over the world.


Michelangelo’s uncle decided at the last minute to bring the family to Ottawa to visit the capital city. Of course, not being a morning person ( at all), Michelangelo decided to stay in the hotel rather than explore the city, but when it came time to visit the Parliament they dragged him out of bed and forced him to follow along. I had just finished my shift for the day and was outside talking with a friend. He told me that he noticed a group of seemingly “lost Italians” nearby and so I went over just to see if they needed help. So, in true Italian fashion, I met Michelangelo’s entire family (and Mamma) that day.


We shared that I was moving to France soon and they told me that they were here visiting Canada for a few weeks. I spoke more with Michelangelo’s cousin, but when I said that my mom was born in Milan he forced Michelangelo to come talk to me. I told him “I will be moving to France in a few weeks” and he understood “I will go to France for a few weeks” (our first of many times getting lost in translation…) and as a nice gesture he said “Well if you want to visit Milan here’s my email”.

Like I said, I spent my summer meeting hundreds of tourists, and I NEVER gave out my real email address or phone number. Who knows why, but this time I did… Michelangelo still had the post-it with my email on it in his wallet. I, the ever romantic, threw his away.


Weeks passed and I forgot about this Italian encounter, but then as I was moving out of my house and while waiting in line for drinks with my parents I got a very long, very un-comprehensible email from Michelangelo. I couldn’t stop laughing because the email was adorable (I can’t post it here because Michelangelo is too embarrassed), and included many many mentions of my “solar smile”.


After a bit of hesitation, and a nudge from my mom, I answered and the rest is history!


If I'm being honest, I can't say that I didn't think it was coming because we had talked about getting married for months already. In part because our friends and family had been asking us when we will finally get married, but mostly because the inner event planner in me knew that we (I) would need lots of time to organize a not one, but TWO weddings. We both knew we were ready to get married, and Michelangelo had told me many times how much he wanted to get married, but I always told him that I wanted to wait until all my Italian Visa paperwork was done. Sooo when I finally got my permenant Italian Residence card I told Michelangelo  that all I’ve ever wanted is to be truly surprised with the proposal. Each weekend when we organized something together, going downtown or to the theatre or even out to dinner I would get all nervous & excited because I would think to myself “OK, this is THE moment”…but nothing.

I was truly surprised one random Thursday night in October. I called Michelangelo, like most nights, to say I was on my way home from work and to see if he was still in the office. He told me he was stuck in Milan traffic but would be home in an hour or so. I didn’t expect anything when I got home because everything seemed normal, the gate was locked, lights off and that only thing on my mind was what to cook quickly for dinner. This is where the video begins...As I opened the door, the lights turned on, music started and I didn’t know where to look! Michelangelo was standing there, all dressed up, with champagne and oysters set up on the table. Then I saw the box… I couldn’t believe it was THE moment! It all happened so quickly that I didn’t know where to start letting it all soak in. I was truly surprised !!

The best part of it all was that Michelangelo filmed everything (he had prepared this intricate DYI set up with his can even see him in the video trying to move me to make sure we're in the frame...!) because he knew how much it meant to me that I could share this moment with my friends and family.


That to me is what love really is, knowing the other person so well and making sure you do every possible thing to make them happy.

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