CIao Bella!

A few hilights of my travels around Italy (so far).

This city has by far become so important in my life and has stolen my heart. Not only is it the city where my mom was born and grew up before moving to Canada, it's where I plan on starting my life and my career. Over many trips to this amazing city I have fallen in love, with the city and with the Milanese people (maybe one in particular...!) I will always remember the first time I visited the city and the fact that it remains today just as exciting to me is a testiment to how much I love it. I hope you enjoy these photos and that you will share your own memories of this amazing city with me!


I've visited Rome many many times, but each time I always come across something new! This historic city is filled with local gems; including their fantastic taxi drivers! I always love going to the Coloseum even if it's always filled with tourists. No trip is complete without a trip to their piazzas and the amazing shopping. Rome is filled with amazing local boutiques, and of course amazing gelato! Actually- the best gelato I had in Rome is actually not in Rome but in a suburb Ostia. If you're going to Italy this city deserves to be in your list- if not for the mere fact that fashion shops at the Spanish Steps are museums in and of themselves! 


Only a short train ride away from Milan, Como is a must do day-trip! The best part, everything ca be done on foot! Walk around Como during the day and take in the sights, and then when you get tired jump on the water taxi!Take the local water taxis on a one hour roundtrip ride on the lake and get a tan. Stopping at some of the small towns near Como are worth it if you like local boutiques and cafes. Just be sure not to miss the last train back to Milan at night! 


If you want to have an advanture you need to go to Venice! I suggest not bringing a map and just walking around. I loved getting lost in the city and stumbling across amazing bakeries and most of a crazy Italian street parties! The food can sometimes be very American (and expensive) in the main squares, so take an off beat street and I promise you the food at those small restuarants will be amazing! Be sure to take a ride on a gondola, but going as a group always ends up being a better price. If you smile enough they might even treat you to a song ;) !


If you want to have the full Verona experience be sure to go aorund Valentine's Day! It is of course the city that inspired Romeo & Juliet and where you can go onto Juliet's balcony and write her a letter with your love questions (yes, just like in the movie). On Valentine's Day weekend they have free chocolate and champagne sampling, outdoor concerts and 1$ entrance to all museums for couples. If you and your partner are in Italy and want a quaint romantic getaway you should consider this beautiful town!

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