Ah, La France

Quand le vin est tiré il faut le boire! 

I have been a Paris a few times now, and each time brings about something new. Each street has it's own je ne sais quoi, and even just walking with nowhere to go is inspiring. Some of my favourite areas are The Marais, Champs Elysées and Hôtel de Ville. Of course there are amazing department stores, that have such beautiful buildings filled with even nicer things, like Galleries Lafayette. Be sure to stop and enjoy yourself, the city is so busy that it's easy to get caught up in it all. Just walk, shop, drink and breathe. 



II wil always have a place in my heart for Grenoble, because it's where I lived for a year of my life. This small city has it's own personal charm, including most of all the amazing mountains that aurround it. Having never seen mountains before in my life, or gone skiing, this city brought forward SO many new experiences for me. Grenoble can be summed up in two words: French Tacos. 


Considered to most as the other city to visit in France after Paris, I thought that Lyon was equal to the city of love cuturally. There were always events going on in Lyon. We went to the Festival de Lumières, which was freezing, but had gorgeous light displays and outside public art. Lyon also has a historic amphiteatre, and so as a theatre major I couldn't afford to leave the city without the hike to the top of the hill to see it. Let me tell you- it was well worth the 3 bottles of French gatorade. 


Normally I wouldn't necessarily have visited Tours, but because Elisha was living there I couldn't let the opportunity to see her pass by. The city is known for it's perfect French language and it is surrounded by gorgeous castles! We made the most of my trip there by visiting a few and taking in all the beautiful sights. 


When you think of Nice you think of summer heat. Well I guess in 2013 the summer came late because we were struck with cool winds and freezing cold water. Basically no bikinis for us- not that I was even prepared for that (after all the Italian chocolate and French tacos!). We made sure to still walk along the boardwalk and take the mini tourist train around town so that we were able to see everything that made Nice so special. Our favourite was this XXL fountain in the middle of the city- I think we spent a significant amount of time "appreciating" the statue beautifully sculpted in the middle...from all the angles possible. 

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