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Canadian Passport Hudson Bay Stripes

Moving all over the world has definitely had its ups, but a lot of people don't realize it comes with a lot of downs too.

One positive thing is that since moving away from Canada, I have felt more Canadian than ever and am filled with Canadian pride. I add decor into my home that reminds me of Canada, including lots of traditional Hudson's Bay stripes. 

I try to keep things honest and share all the amazing life achievements I've gotten as an Expat living in Italy (like getting my permesso di soggiorno or health card). I also share how difficult it can be sometimes when you're missing home or feel disconnected from the community you live in.

Here's just some of the E X P A T  L I F E elements I share here and on my Instagram

  • Tips when moving to a new country

  • What is a Permesso di Soggiorno

  • Why moving to another country is an amazing experience

  • Ways to feel connected to home - no matter where that is

  • The things they don't tell you about moving to a new country