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La Vita e Events

With over four years of event planning in the luxury fashion industry and numerous weddings planned in Canada, France and Italy I decided to open my services up to everyone through La Vita è Events. 

My hands on approach of organization and coordination of weddings and events has been a strength in ensuring that no matter the "unknown factor" that is bound to happen on the day of, the guests will never even notice. 

Although distance can sometimes be seen as an obstacle, I have learned to embrace it and make it work to the benefit of my clients, meaning convenient online meetings, organization completed via email to ensure nothing gets lost and to leave the client with everything they need to feel confident that the event will be a success! 

Why event planning? Well, I think I've been a planner since I was a child, always making sure every detail of even the smallest family party was on point. My greatest joy I get from this career is the love I feel when I see that my clients' dreams came to life. I am through and through a people person, and my own happiness comes from seeing theirs. 

So if you're looking for someone who will dedicate 100% of herself to your project and will be (sometimes overly) excited about bringing your dream to life - that's me! 







Sharing my tips, experiences and insights about planning weddings & events. 

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