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Face Mask and Mug

Let me just start by saying I am not a beauty expert by any means. I am someone who doesn't dye their hair, and does their makeup in 10 minutes in the morning to keep a clean, minimal and natural look. 

I think if I had someone teach me what to do I would probably play around with it more, so if that's you reach out! 

I am however obsessed with skin care and LOVE trying new products. I have always had big (huge) pores, oily skin and acne, but as the years went on and through a lot of experimenting I've found a holy grail of products to keep me looking my best.

Like for my clothes, I don't think anyone should pay more for a product than they need to, so I am always looking for deals on some of the top skincare products. That being said I tend to use a mix of drugstore every products along with some more high brand stuff. 

Here's just some of the B E A U T Y elements I share here and on my Instagram

  • My everyday natural makeup look

  • Skin care

  • Drugstore products

  • Designer brand favourites

  • How to wear and rock lipstick

  • Favourite hair care products